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Towns Riviera Split in Croatia

Towns Riviera Split in Croatia are famous tourist towns where largest transit passenger and tourist traffic in whole Dalmatia in carring out. Town Split is known top destination, town under protection of UNESCO list of world heritage and centre of Dalmatia because it has harbours and stations for all types of passenger traffic: Airport in town Resnik, ferry port, railway and bus station in vicinity of ferry port. Towns Riviera Split In Croatia have been visited in year 2010. by 300.000 tourists, and they are, town Kastela 26.000 tourists, town Sinj 5.500 tourists, town Trilj 2.500 tourists, town Solin 4.000 tourists, town Split 206.000 tourists, and town Podstrana 55.600 tourists, which it represents 19% visits of all Central Dalmatia tourists. Towns Riviera Split In Croatia have at their disposal many tourist objects and two marinas, so they could successfully meet demand for numerous services needed to many tourists, guests and passengers for continuation of journey to Central Dalmatian islands.

Riviera Split

Riviera Split

Riviera Split in Croatia covers tourist towns which provide rich tourist offer and amasing cultural summer. Book accommodation on Riviera Split in Croatia.


Kaštela is one urban unit consisting of seven castles situated by the sea in the fertile Kaštela field, between towns Solin and Trogir. It has its long history and each castle has its own special story as well as history.

Kastel Luksic

Kastel Luksic is situated by the sea in the Kastela field. The settlement was developed around the fort built in 1482 by Mihovil Rosandić, a nobleman from Trogir.

Kastel Novi

Kastel Novi is situated by the sea in the Kastela field. It was named after a newly built fort – tower built in 1512 by a nobleman from Trogir Pavao Cipiko.

Kastel Stafilic

Kastel Stafilic is situated by the sea in the Kastela field. It was named after the fort Rotondo built by a nobleman from Trogir Stjepan Stafileo in 1508.

Kastel Stari

Kastel Stari is situated by the sea in the Kastela field. It was named after an old fort – castle built by a nobleman from Trogir Koriolan Cipiko in 1476.

Kastel Sucurac

Kastel Sucurac is situated by the sea in the Kastela field. It came into existence in 1392 when the archbishop Gvardo had had a fort – summer house built for the protection from the invasions.

Kastel Kambelovac

Kastel Kambelovac is situated by the sea in the Kastela field. It was named after the brothers Jerolim and Nikola Cambi, noblemen and landowners from Split who built a fort there in 1517.

Kastel Gomilica

Kastel Gomilica is situated by the sea in the Kastela field. It was named after a sea reef (gomilica) on which a benedictine monastery – fort was built. In 1078 the Croatian king Zvonimir gave them as present a land for the construction of this fort.


Podstrana is situated in close proximity to Split. It is renowned for its long beaches, numerous tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels.


Sinj is situated near River Cetina, at the western side of the fertile Sinj Field. Throughout history, Sinj has been known as a significant crossing point of roads and caravan paths. The victory of the local inhabitants over the Turkish.


Solin is situated at the foot of the Kozjak Mountain and near the River Jadro. Solin is well-known as the capital city of the Roman province of Dalmatia, and is famous for the remains of the ancient town Salona.


Town Split in Croatia is situated on a peninsula, at the foot of the Marjan Hill. It has a rich and tumultuous history. It is famous for the Diocletian's Palace.


Stobrec is situated in a cove near the estuary of the River Zrnovnica. It has a turbulent history and was once known as the ancient colony of the polis of Issa.

Lokva Rogoznica

Lokva Rogoznica is small town which is situated under the bottom of the mountain Mosor, as the suburban settlement of town Omis. The town has the rich past and numerous historical objects.

Krilo Jesenice

Krilo Jesenice is best known for its boat owners and their luxurious cruising and fish picnic boats. In the past inhabitants were engaged in taking sand from the sea bottom for the needs of construction industry.


Town Zrnovnica is famous after good tourist offer. Town Zrnovnica is tourist town which attracts numerous guests who like domestic food in rural environment.


Town Trilj is famous after good tourist offer. Town Trilj is tourist town which provide guests good domestic food of Sinj province and river specialties.


Town Lecevica is famous after ethno-eco village Skopljanci. Lecevica is situated in beautiful nature and it offers good services of rural tourism.


Town Vrlika is beautiful town by Peruca lake. Vrlika has rich offer of rural tourism in its area for all guests who are coming here.

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