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Town Kastel Kambelovac

Town Kastel Kambelovac is situated near the sea in the Kastela field. It was named after the brothers Jerolim and Nikola Cambi, noblemen and landowners from Split, who have built a fort there in year the 1517.Town Kastel Kambelovac is a nice settlement in the protective bay, surrounded by the nice beaches and nature. Tourists are gladly coming here.

History of town Kastel Kambelovac

In the history of town Kastel Kambelovac, it was named after two brothers, Jerolim and Nikola Cambi, noblemen and landowners who have built the castle in 1517 on a small island for protection of their families and inhabitants of the nearby villages Lazane and Krusevik, who worked in field for the Cambi family. The castle was protecting them from the invasions either by land or by sea. The Castles of the Grissogno and Lipeo families were built nearby. To protect themselves from the invasions, the villagers from the community of Krusevik built two fortresses, the big and the small Piskera. Later on, in the history of town Kastel Kambelovac, the settlement has spread to the surrounding area since it could no longer receive numerous immigrants who wanted to live there. Present Kastel Kambelovac is a modern settlement which can offer tourists a pleasant stay at the hotel Tamaris including numerous private accommodations.

Kastel Kambelovac

Kastel Kambelovac is a town with its long history and the nice nature. The vicinity of the sea and the pine trees forest have enabled the building of many tourist buildings. During the history Kastel Kambelovac was spreading arround the castle on the fertile Kastela field. When the wars were over, the inhabitants started to deal with agriculture and trade. Present Kastel Kambelovac is a modern town which is mostly occupied with tourism

Kastel Kambelovac tourist town

Kastel Kambelovac tourist town is an attractive destination in the Kastela bay and Dalmatia. Kastel Kambelovac Tourist Town has beautiful nature, pebbles beaches and the clear sea. The vicinity of the roads and the airport enable many guests and the tourists to come here and enjoy the vacation in the beautiful spots, nature and sea.



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Kastel Kambelovac
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Kastel Kambelovac
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Kastel Kambelovac
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Kastel Kambelovac
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