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Town Sinj

The town Sinj is situated near the Cetina river, at the western side of the fertile Sinj Field. Throughout history, Town Sinj has been known as a significant crossing point of roads and Caravan Paths and the victory of the local inhabitants over the Turkish army.


The town Sinj has a rich and turbulent history marked by its significant role in the defence of the district of Cetina. Sinj is situated near the River Cetina, at the western side of the large and fertile Sinj Field, which enabled the successful development of agriculture and cattle breeding. The Town Sinj has always been an important crossing point of roads and caravan paths. Sinj emerged as an urban locality in the 17th century and had a fortress at its centre.

History of town Sinj

Historical records show that settlements in the area of present-day Sinj existed as far back as the Bronze Age (2500 BC). In the history of town Sinj, its name originates from the Middle Ages; more specifically, it was named after a fortress known as Fsini or Zyn that has been mentioned for the first in a document of Hungarian-Croatian King Louis I in 1341 by which he granted the ownership of the fortress, along with the village surrounding it, to the family of Duke Ivan Nelipcic. However, in the later history of town Sinj, they did not remain the owners of the fortress and many other noblemen governed it in years to come.

Battle of the year 1715

Turkish army tried to conquer Sinj numerous times, but each time they were beaten by courageous knights (alkari) who fought from the Sinj Fortress. It has specially occured during the battle of the year 1715. in month August the 14th when they have defeated the strong Turkish army, which has tried to regain the Town Sinj again. However, the Turkish invaders managed to take control over the town in 1516. Sinj remained under Turkish rule until 1698 when the Venetian Republic took hold of the town and its fortress. After the Venetian Republic, Sinj was governed by France, Austria, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and many others.

Iron ring competition

Nowadays, Sinj is a modern town and bases its development mostly on the agriculture and tourism. The locals do everything in their power, to honour and celebrate the town's tradition and history. For that reason, knight tournaments and iron ring competitions (Coja, Bara and Alka) are organised and attended annually in the month of August. The very best horsemen and knights, called as alkari, choose horses from the horse stable in Sinj and take part in those events. The winner of the tournament and the Iron Ring Competition gets a prize from the sponsors and is praised and saluted by the crowd. Alka iron ring competiton is also an important media and tourist event that attracts numerous visitors from abroad. In addition, the renowned Sinj Aero Club also renders the town a tourist destination well-worth visiting.

Sinj tourist town

Sinj tourist town is known for its reach history, battles and their victory over the powerful and numerous turkish army, domestic handcrafts, reach tourist offer, air meeting, horse sports and the Sinj iron ring competion. Sinj Tourist Town also arranges the gallop's races on the Sinj field on the different lanes of 1200 to 2000 metres.Therefore, many guests and the tourists are coming here, so, Sinj Tourist Town had to build the hotels, restaurants, apartments and the camps to offer the best accommodation and the nutrition.

Aeroclub Sinj

Aeroclub is one more attraction and the component part of the tourist offer. Aeroclub is situated on Glavica field, in the area of 38 hectares with the grass terrain. Aeroclub Sinj has different aeroplanes and the sections : Glider, parashute, ultra light, motor and the modelers. Every year the Aeroclub Sinj organizes the aeromeeting to show their aeral flights and acrobatics to the delight of many guests and tourists.

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