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Celebration of the assumption town Sinj

Mass celebration of assumption, dedicated to the Saint Mary, is celebrating since the croatian people have arrived in this province, and in the towns of Split, Solin and Sinj, where she is holy protectress. Since the 7th century cathedral in the town of Split is dedicated to the Saint Mary. In the town of Solin, in the 10th century, to the order of queen Jelena, parish church has been built, and also dedicated to the Saint Mary. Specially is interesting the Celebration Of The Assumption in the town of Sinj, because the people have believed, that in the year 1715. Saint Mary has saved town of Sinj and domestic people from the Turkish Army and its occupation. These are the facts which the Croatian catholics have accepted as the holiday and celebration.

Central celebration of assumption is celebrating on August 15th in the town of Sinj, because it has been believed that Saint Mary has assisted to the brave Sinj iron ring's cavalrymen to conquer numerous and well aquipped turkish army. At that holiday, numerous pilgrims,believers,guests and tourists, are coming from all over the country and different towns, so they could be present at that holiday. Arriving by buses,cars and on foot, they make the crowd of round 130.000 people, who want to be present at this celebration. Especially is interesting, when the large number of Pilgrims from the surrounding towns and villages, start in the evening on August 14th on foot, to reach the destination 34 km away, and arrive to the town of Sinj in the morning hours, when the celebration begins.

At the beginning of the main street, the official Procession and the large number of Believers are gathered and led by Archbishop, church representatives and iron ring's cavalrymen, who carry the stretcher with the picture of Sinj Saint Mary. When the Procession reach the building of court, it stops, so the Iron Ring's Cavalrymen could fire from the ancient guns and bless the Saint Icon to all four corners of the world, accompanied by the parish church singing. The organizer and the town of Sinj, in the sign of gratitude to all visitors and pilgrims, gave them in return, the reach gastronomic and shopping offer. In the year 2010. the 295th anniversary of this historic battle has been celebrated. Who knows, what history of the Cetina region could be, if the brave Iron Ring's Cavalrymen and army from the town of Sinj, haven't conquered the mighty turkish army. During this celebration, about 130.000 people were in town, who have advertised the tourist offer and enriched the economy of the town Sinj and Cetina region.

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