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Country, rural, ethno, eko tourism Croatia

Country, rural, ethno, eko tourism Croatia is special kind of tourism which offer vacation in village, nature, peace, silence and place without city jams. It has also another names, like: Ethno-eco tourism, Rural Tourism and agritourism. Numerous tourists live in large cities, so they are desirous of country environment and Nature because, domestic dishes, domestic products, domestic wines, numerous excursions and photo safari are offered. Return to nature, country environment, rural lifestyle, rural jobs, local customs, local music, folk costumes, local souvenirs, Antique Dishes And Cutlery is something which attract guests and tourists to visit country objects in Dalmatian countryside and on islands. Although, these country houses are near coast, there are located in hinterland and at higher above sea elevation, which provides more pleasant stay during hot summer. Many guests and tourist don't like swelter and sun on coast, so they rather choose Country Houses in hinterland. Ingenious hosts have created Country Tourism through ethno-eco villages, country households and country houses, so these towns adopt features of tourist villages and small hotels at coast. Since they are in nature, hosts offer guests numerous services of country, rural, ethno, eko tourism Croatia and Excursions in nature, like: Excursions with horses or bicycles, mowing grass, visit to caves and wine cellar, picking wild berries, fruit and vegetables, grapes, olives, almonds, oranges, tangerines in field, figs drying, making marmalade, juices and cheese, picking medical plants, folk evenings, klapas singing, going to viewpoints, use of antique wooden dishes and cutlery, serving guests in folk costumes, socializing and photographing with domestic and wild animals, grains milling, bellotas playing, stay in tavern, drinking wine from wooden cup, visit to ethnographic museum, playing fiddle, watching country olympics, playing football, baking bread, roast under iron lid, and performing agricultural jobs, are numerous things that delight tourists. Guest who bakes bread by himself, prepare domestic dish and serve his family in antique wooden dishes and cutlery, is something that doesn't exists in his country, and that delights him. Even when he tasts domestic cheese, homemade cakes and wine, pleasure is complete. Country, rural, ethno, eko tourism Croatia is developing in dalmatian hinterland , on islands and near roads which enable guests quick arrival to these destinations and country households. Some hosts have even built ethno-eco villages which have all features and contents of tourist village at seaside: Numerous little hotels, country houses, apartments, rooms, swimming pool, central heating and cooling, kitchens, taverns, fire places, stoves, spits, warehouses, reception and numerous other contents. These objects can accept whole groups of guests and tourists. Since these jobs are more demanding, host has to engage his whole family and professinal workers who will guests provide top services of accommodation and nutrition. Ethno-eco villages have aranged access roads, trails, signs and they contain renovated, modernly arranged and equipped old stone houses, which have been abandoned by former inhabitants. Such antique environment attract tourist because they haven't this in their country. In room they are abiding and eating, host usually decorates it with antique home souvenirs, sets and tools which our grandfathers have been using, to delight of all guests. In Central dalmatia, within country tourism, there are about 2.000 beds in 20 ethno-eco villages and about 120 country households and Country Houses in dalmatian hinterland and on islands. Most famous ethno-eco villages in Dalmatian hinterland are: Hamlet Skopljanci near Radosic, town Lecevica, Grabovac in Glavina donja, town Imotski, Karoglani in Zmijavci, town Imotski and Kokorici, town Vrgorac. Famous country households are located in villages of Slivno, Runovic and Prolozac, town Imotski, Vuci polje in Hrvace, town Sinj, Kucici, town Omis and in villages near towns Vrlika, Sinj, Trilj, Omis and Vrgorac. On island Hvar there are famous ethno-eco villages in Humac, Zarace, Brusje, Malo and Velo Grablje. On island Vis there are numerous country households in villages: Stancica, Podselje, Podstrazje, Plisko polje, Podspilje and Podhumlje. On island Brac, there are also numerous Country Households in central part of island, like: Skrip, Nerezisce, Donji and Gornji Humac, Praznica and Dracevica. On island Solta there are numerous Country Households in villages like: Necujam, Grohote, Gornje selo, Srednje selo, Donje selo and Maslinica.

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