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Town Kastel Luksic

Town Kastel Luksic is attractive destination and is situated by the sea in the Kastela field. The settlement was developed around the fort, built in 1482 by Mihovil Rosani, a nobleman from Trogir.Town Kastel Luksic is interesting town which is developing on the tourism, trade and agriculture.

History of town Kastel Luksic

History of Town Kastel Luksic recorded, that town has emerged around a fortress built on a sea rock in 1482. by an owner from Trogir, Mihovil Rosani. In its close vicinity brothers Nikola and Jerolim Vitturi had built a castle in 1487 in a beautiful cove for protection of their families and of the farmhands who worked for them on the field. It was a luxurious renaissance palace with balconies and large glass windows facing south. On its northern side there were two towers for defensive purposes and a drawbridge. On the southern side there was a large solid door for possible escape by boat towards the nearby islands. There is the castle Tataglia Ambrosini and the Vitturi park. In the latest history of the town Kastel Luksic, this settlement is now a modern town, dirtected towards economy and tourism.

Legend about Miljenko and Dobrila

Legend about Miljenko and Dobrila dated from 17th century. Lady Dobrila was from the noble family Vitturi, and a young man Miljenko from the common family Rusinic.They have been named as the Kastela's Romeo and Juliet, whose love has ended tragically, since it was not approved by their families. After Miljenko has died in year 1690. shortly after, Dobrila has died too. In spite of this tragic event, ther families haven't reconciled. This Legend About Miljenko And Dobrila is still alive among the people.

Kastel Luksic

Present Kastel Luksic is a modern settlement with numerous economic activities, and hotels such as Kastel Villa Zarko and Cezar, along with numerous private accommodations, provide a pleasant stay to every traveler and every tourist who comes to this beautiful small town.

Kastel Luksic tourist town

Kastel Luksic tolurist town is a favourable destination, which is mostly dealing in the tourism. Its beauty, the clear sea and a nature, have enabled the building of many hotels, villas, apartments and restaurants, which offer the delicious dalmatian dishes and wine. Many tourists like to come here.



Apartment Cezar
Kastel Luksic
Riviera Split

Holiday home Hotel-Villa Cezar
Kastel Luksic
Riviera Split

Hotel Villa Cezar
Kastel Luksic
Riviera Split

Restaurant Mamut
Kastel Luksic
Riviera Split

Villa Hotel-Villa Zarko
Kastel Luksic
Riviera Split

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