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The Carnivals have very long history. The very etymology origin is related to the latin expression – dominica carnis privii - meatless Sunday. It was the custom to start the abstinence before the 40 days lent. This expression has come from Italy few centuries ago. There are some similarities in the latin words in the 14th century carrus navalis - the maritime boat on the wheels dragged by the people in the procession, and the caro levare - menu without the meat. People in the Republic of Croatia has many expressions for the word carnival. However they had the names, carnival was always celebrating in the February. Carnival is traditional holiday of joy, dressing of the costumes, Masks and all kinds of puppets and features. Usually the procession is passing through the down town and the main street with dancing, shouting, acting, dragging all kinds of cars, coaches and sports sets, amusing the numerous present audience.

To increase the tourists arrivals to the Croatia, many tourist agencies and boards organize the carnivals. In the northern part of the Croatia, the Ringers are famous, who are driving the eval ghosts and winter, so the spring could come as soon as possible. During the Carnivals the commons had a opportunity to dress into the costumes of the lords and rich men, or acting some important or famous person.The carnival rules were rigid. Identity of any mask or costume must be preserved. In that way, the entertainment and mystery is provided. To enable the driving the eval ghosts and powers, to accuse someone for the slim yield,living standard or injustice, at the end of the celebration, the main offender for everything - the Carnival Puppet should be burned.

Every year the name and the Carnival Puppet is changing, depending of what has hit them the most that year. Within the tourist offer, all organizers make sure the advertisement and information about the carnival should be published in the brochure and folders, and in that way enable the tourist and guests to find out all information needed.



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