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Town Kastel Stafilic

Town Kastel Stafilic is situated near the sea in the Kastela field. It was named after the fort Rotondo, built by a nobleman Stjepan Stafileo, from town Trogir in the year 1508. Town Kastel Stafilic is surrounded by the beautiful nature, pebbles beaches with clear sea, known Mujina cave and the oldest olive tree in the Republic Croatia. On the western side of the Kastela field, there is Mujina cave. According to the findings, it is supposed that the Neanderthals, from more than 45 000 years ago have lived here hunting the animals and fish on broader area, while there were no islands.

History of town Kastel Stafilic

History of town Kastel Stafilic recorded the settlement near the castle Rotondo, built in the year 1508. by Stjepan Stafileo, the owner from Trogir. It was built on a sea reef to protect its inhabitants from invasions by sea or by land. At that time it was necessary to build such a castle because of numerous invaders, conquerors and the pirates, Turks and various known and unknown armies who have been often coming here to this protected Kastela bay. In a history of the town Kastel Stafilic, when they heard the warning sign all inhabitants ran to the fort that was well defended and protected. Residential area of the castle and the door which served as an escape exit by boat to some protected bay were both situated on the southern side of the quadrate fort. An interesting fact is that the estate of the owner from Trogir took the word grapes (the Greek word staphile) for his last name and his blazon. On the northern side of the fort there was a drawbridge over which one passed from the castle to the settlement. During the History Of Town Kastel Stafilic that drawbridge was lifted at a sign of danger from the attack from the land and sea. Along that castle two more ones were built, by families Ferra and Lodi. In a history of the tgown Kastel Stafilic, the settlement was spreading, so was growing the number of houses and churches made of stone. The Croatian kings and rulers often took a shelter in these castles while they were traveling or going back to their capital. The latest history of the Town Kastel Stafilic is recording the settlement as the modern town which is dealing in tourism, trade and fishing.

The oldest olive tree in Croatia

There is another sights in Kastel Stafilic, the oldest olive tree in Croatia, a natural monument, an olive tree more than 1500 years old. It is supposed that it has been brought from the South Italy or Greece, planted here for someone's personal needs, to produce the high quality olive oil. Later on, this specie has spread all over the Dalmatia.This Oldest Olive Tree In Croatia has survived many wars, diseases, natural disasters and human negligence and is still bearing fruits.

Kastel Stafilic

Present Town Kastel Stafilic is a modern settlement whose citizens are dealing in shipping trade, fishing industry, agriculture and tourism. Many hotels, camps and numerous private accommodation provide all tourists and travelers a pleasant stay. Kastel Stafilic has many sunny days, clear beaches and the agreeable Mediterranean climate. Tourist are gladly coming here.

Kastel Stafilic tourist town

Present Kastel Stafilic tourist town, is dealing in maritime trade, fishing industry, agriculture and the tourism. To accomodate numerous guests and the tourists, when they come into this beautiful town, there have been built many hotels, villas, apartments and restaurants. Any guest remains astonished to this beauty of the nature, beaches and the dalmatian dishes and wine when they like to come in Kastel Stafilic tourist town.



Apartment Ivanovic
Kastel Stafilic
Riviera Split

Camp Koludrovac
Kastel Stafilic
Riviera Split

Holiday home Rose
Kastel Stafilic
Riviera Split

Hotel Adria
Kastel Stafilic
Riviera Split

Restaurant Resnik
Kastel Stafilic
Riviera Split

Villa Rose
Kastel Stafilic
Riviera Split

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