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Charter Yachts And Sailing Boats in Dalmatia

Charter Yachts And Sailing Boats in Dalmatia are attractive to all tourists and guests who want to sail on Adriatic sea, enjoy beautiful nature, peace and silence, meet coast, towns, top destinations and islands. They are named as floating hotels because they offer all services of top accommodation, nutrition, rest, excursions, pleasure, untouched nature and coves, travelling and swimming in clear sea. There are 6 basic categories and 26 types of Charter Yachts And Sailing Boats in Dalmatia. They are following: Luxury yachts of 3 types, Motor Boats of 4 types, sailing boats of 7 types, Catamarans of 6 types, Motor Sailing Boats of 3 types and Golettes of 3 types.

12 marinas in Cental Dalmatia offer about 630 Charter Yachts And Sailing Boats in Dalmatia to all of them who love sea, cruise and meeting beauty of Adriatic sea. They are following: Baluni-Zenta-Spinut 305 boats, Kastela 45 boats, Trogir 66 boats, Baska voda 28 boats, Agana in Marina town 12 boats, Makarska 42 boats, Podgora 32 boats, Milna 37 boats, Palmizana 45 boats and Vrboska 18 boats. Within offer of Charter Yachts And Sailing Boats in Dalmatia belong also 122 cruise boats on Adriatic sea and 44 boats for daily excursions, within fleet in home harbours in towns of Krilo Jesenice, Sumpetar, Drasnice and Makarska.

During year 2010. about 180.000 boats have been sailing on Adriatic sea. Which of them were about 6.000 domestic yachts, 116.00 different domestic boats and 58.200 foreign yachts and boats.

All of these beauties offer to all guests unforgettable moments of cruise, peace and silence, swimming in clear sea of numerous coves and Adriatic sea island, meeting attractive spots, towns, top destinations and tourist towns. Therefore they have named as floating hotels. Owners and guests of Charter Yachts And Sailing Boats In Dalmatia can choose where and when they will sail, anchor or sail into some spot, town or cove, so they could rest, enjoy in untouched nature and coast, or to swim in crystal clear sea. Adriatic sea is attractive to all passengers, guests and tourists, so maritime traffic, number of Charter Yachts And Sailing Boats In Dalmatia and sailors is increasing every year more and more.

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