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Marinas in Central Dalmatia

Indented coastline, a beauty of numerous coves and capes, is something that every year, increases sailings of foreigh, domestic vessels and yachts into our territorial sea. Marinas in Central Dalmatia are objects of nautical tourism, which offer numerous services: Berth, rental and boat sales, nutrition, water and electricity supply, electronic monitoring, people and property protection, accomodation, grocery nad technical goods shops, travel and the other services.

Coastline indentation and beauty of Republic of Croatia seaside, attract large number of vessels and yachts. After pleasure of navigation on our sea, all vessels sail into Tourist Towns and marinas, so they could rest after exausting voyage. Attractiveness of numerous coves and capes, is something that, every year enlarge number of entries into our territorial sea. In year 2010, even 58.400 foreigh yachts with 320.000 sailors, have come in Croatia and marinas in Central Dalmatia. There is also, a large number of domestic vessels which increase Adriatic sea maritime traffic. Coastline has 1.778 km length, and islands have its coastline of 4.057 km length, with thousand of coves and capes, which beautify landscape to many sailors. In the Republic of Croatia, there are 56 marinas, with round 15.000 berths on sea, and about 8.000 berths on land.

There are 9 marinas in Central Dalmatia with folloving offer:

1. Marina Tucepi with 70 berths on sea and 20 on land,
2. Marina Split with 370 berths on sea and 120 on land,
3. Marina Milna with 180 berths on sea and 25 on land,
4. Marina Palmizana with 165 berths on sea -
5. Marina Trogir with 185 berths on sea and 65 on land,
6. Marina Marina with 135 berths on sea and 70 on land,
7. Marina Vrboska with 85 berths on sea and 35 on land,
8. Marina Podgora with 220 berths on sea,
9. Marina Kaštela with 420 berths on sea and 200 on land

Overall : 1.830 berths on sea and 535 on land

Central Dalmatia is interesting to all of sailors with its area of 4.500 km2 and numerous nature beauties. Marinas in Central Dalmatia offer rental of: Motor vessels, sailing vessels, catamarans, luxury yachts, motor sailing vessels, gullets and the other vessels. Because of large interest, during high season, it happens often of no vacant berths and vessels. Nautical tourism is growing, and tourist workers are respecting them, because they are good customers and consumers of croatian products and services.

Marinas in Central Dalmatia are attractive harbours for all vessels, ships, passengers and sailors who want to navigate on Adriatic sea and meet beauty of Dalmatian coast and islands. There are 10 marinas in Central Dalmatia: Milna-Brac island, Split, Trogir, Vrboska and Palmizana-Hvar island, Agana Marina, Podgora, Tucepi, Kastel Gomilica, and the little marina of the hotel Le Meridien Lav Split. Marinas in Central Dalmatia: Milna, Split, Trogir, Vrboska, Agana Marina have the category of 4 anchors marina with 300 dry dock berths and 929 beths on sea. Marinas: Palmizana, Milna, Podgora, Tucepi and hotel Lav, have category of 3 anchors marina, with 462 berths on the sea. None of marina of Central Dalmatia has category of 5 anchors marina. In Marinas In Central Dalmatia different vessels and ships, with diversified luxury, equipment and length, are entering marina. Some of them can't even enter marina for its size. Therefore, number and capacity of Marinas In Central Dalmatia are to be enlarged. Sailors are most desirable tourists because they have higher living standard and they use large number of services when they step on the land. Usually, they use accommodation and other services of all tourist objects in towns, in which harbours they sail into. In year 2010. About 305.000 sailors have come in Dalmatia and realized about 2.150.000 nights ( 23% ).

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