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Visit to the archaeological escavations, town of Solin

The antique town of Salona has been built in the 1th century b.c. in the area of the former settlement of the illyrian people Dalmata. After the return from the conquest around the eastern roman empire, the large roman army wanted to stay here over the winter because of winds protection,fertile agricultural fields, vicinity of the river and abundance of the fish around the neighbouring islands. Shortly after this, this city has got the status -colonia martia julia salona- that is, the capital city of the roman province Dalmatia. After that, its rapid growth started, so at the apex of the glory, it had about 60.000 inhabitants. Around the city, many big walls with the towers have been built. The main entrance was at the eastern side of the walls, so called –porta Caesarea-. The exit to the big harbour was at the southern side of the walls, through which the trade and transport with the imperial city,many other towns and ports of the Mediterranean, has been carried out. The central square - forum, was the place where the central city, political, religious and commercial life has taken place. The surrounding buildings were the: City hall, shopping centres, therme, theatre and the other buildings and services of the capital city of the Dalmatia. The theatre was dedicated to the culture and entertainment of the rich and the educated citizens of the town Salona.

At the northern central part of the town, the running water from the river Jadro has been brought and built the 5 bridges for the different purposes. The vicinity of the water has enabled existence of the numerous handcrafts, trades and the workshops for the processing the metal, glass, textiles, wood, ceramics, pottery, bricks, tiles, mintage, mosaics, stone carving and the many others. The thermes were the public bath rooms and located near the Five Bridges with the cold and warm water,heating,pools and many other contents. The central celebration has taken the place in the amphitheatre, which was situated at the north-western part of the Salona, in the vicinity of the road to the town of Tragurium. This constructional and architectual building could receive 16.000 visitors. Numerous gladiators' fights, fights with the wild animals, and many orher perfomances for the Salona inhabitants have taken place at this place. Outside the Salona walls, on the west side, was the city graveyard. The emperor who has lived in his palace in the neighbouring town of Aspalathos, edited an order for the persecution of the catholics in the year 303. and 304. Therefore many people have been executed,like Saint Dujam,Anastasije,Asterije,Septimije and even some soldiers from his guard. He also gave the order for the demolition and firing the churches and its saint books. After the christians persecution has seased, in the year 313. in the central part of city, the Bishop's Residence was built.

Out the walls on the northern side, Manastirine,Kapljuc,Marusinac graveyards have been also built, where many famous christians of Salona were buried. The richer citizens could afford burial into the expencive sarcophaguses. At the beginning of the 7th century, the town of Salona has been attacked by the numerous Avars and Slavens, till they haven't demolished,plundered and burned it. Since then, the inhabitants began to escape to the neighbouring towns and islands. In the year 1883. after the appointment don Frane Bulic, as the director of the archaeological museum in the town of Split, the most famous days of the ascavations and exploration of the antique Salona have begun. For the accommodation for himself,professional assistants and the guests, near the northern walls, he has built the stone house -Tusculum- and started the largest research project in the escavations of the town of Salona. After his death,nobody has seriously accepted the further exploration and preservation these valuable historic monuments.

These archaeological escavations are interesting to all of the guests,visitors and tourists, so, this visit to the antique Salona has become the component part of the tourist offer of the towns of Split and Solin.

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