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Towns Riviera Omis in Croatia

Towns Riviera Omis in Croatia are demanded destinations for its good offer and most famous sand beaches in whole Dalmatia. Town Omis has been known in its history as town of pirates, who have been attacking all ships which were sailing on this part of Adriatic sea. Now it is known as Tourist Town and centre of Riviera Omis. In year 2010. Towns Riviera Omis In Croatia have been visited by 101.500 tourists, and they are, town Omis 75.500 tourists and other towns 26.000 tourists, which it represents 6% visits of all Central Dalmatia tourists.

Riviera Omis

Riviera Omis

Riviera Omis in Croatia is famous to numerous guests and tourists for its good offer and beautiful sand beaches. Book accommodation on Riviera Omis in Croatia.

Dugi Rat

Dugi Rat is situated on the sea shore and the main road on the way to Omis. It used to be known as a town with strong industry that produced carbid, ferolegure and technical gasses but not anymore.


Omis is situated on the estuary of River Cetina. It has a tumultuous history and it was known as the pirate town. The inhabitants of Omis kept close ties with the famous Poljica Republic.


Celina is a small town under the bottom of the mountain Mosor, 3 km off town Omis, which is situated on the coast, near the beautiful pebbles beaches. Many inhabitants and authorities have lived in this area.


Ruskamen is a small town on Riviera Omis, known after the beautiful beaches near the pine trees woods. Once, it has been known after the nudist kamp and the resort for the guests in love with wind surfing.


Mimice is the small town situated on the slopes of the mountain Mosor. It is famous for the beautiful nature and pebbles beaches. The town has beeen mentioned for the first time in the 17. century.


Pisak is the small town at the terminal point of the Riviera Omis under the bottom of the mountain Mosor. It is known for the beautiful beaches and pure nature.


Duce is situated on the sea shore very close to the town Omis. It is well known with its beautiful long sandy beaches, charming apartments and numerous camps.


Town Stanici is beautiful settlement on Omis riviera. Stanici is situated near nice pebbles beaches south-east 5 km far of town Omis.

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