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Towns on island Solta in Croatia

Towns on island Solta in Croatia are famous after their location in beautiful nature, vicinity of sea, peace and silence. Island Solta has its surface of 52 km2 and is 9 nm far off town Split, which is connected through shipping line from town Rogac. Five tourist Towns On Island Solta In Croatia are located near coast, so they could build objects and contents needed for guests and tourists who would come from town Split. Towns Maslinica and Necujam are specially known, first, for its villa within castle of Split's aristocratic family Martinis-Marchi, and other by its tourist village with 350 apartments and 1200 beds. There are fertile fields in central part of island, where sufficient quantity of fruit and vegetables is growing for domestic inhabitants and all guests who are coming to this beautiful island. About 13.800 tourist have visited Island Solta in year 2010. and it represents only 1% of all tourists who have visited Central Dalmatia.

Island Solta

Island Solta

Island Šolta is known for its beautiful scenery, and peace and serenity which appeal to numerous tourists and visitors. Its coves attract the residents of Split who enjoy resting and bathing in the clean sea.


Maslinica is a small settlement situated in a bay on the west side of Solta island. It is well known by the Marchi castle with fortification purposes which is renovated and converted into hotel and restaurant.


Necujam is situated in the biggest island bay. It is assumed that it got its name due to the peace and quietness that is present this part of the island. It is known that this small bay – Pi kera,also known as Roman Emperor Diocletian.


Grohote is situated in the central part of Solta, close to the big fertile field in the middle of the island. It is a very important place for the island because the main island roads and routes are crossing there.


Rogac is a port situated on the southern coast of island Solta. A ferry line connects Rogac with town Split. This tourist resort was named after numerous carob trees which were grown by the inhabitants.


Stomorska is a tourist resort situated on the northeastern coast of island Solta. It was named after the nearby shrine called Our Lady of Stomoria, also known as Our Lady of Pines (a tribute to local pine trees).

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