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Rural houses in Imotski

Rural houses in Imotski are situated at attractive spots and they are important objects of Imotski province rural tourism. In its surroundings there are two famous eco-ethno villages and 3 rural houses. Eco-ethno village Karoglani are situated in Village Zmijavci 8 km south of town Imotski, near River Trebizat and offers guests all services of rural tourism. Eco-ethno Village Karoglani is made of renovated old stone houses which offer accommodation, domestic food, sports facilities, walkways and organization of various excursions to nature and river Trebizat. This rural household is still building and completing with needed contents, so it could provides top services od eco-ethno village.

Rural household Capin is situated 5 km south of town Imotski, near River Trebizat and provides all services of rural tourism. Rural houses in Podbablje gornje have in their offer a hotel with several rooms and large restaurant where various dishes from fireplace, grill, iron lid, spit, Imotski specialties and domestic wines are served. Owner of rural household Capin arranges various excursions to nature and on river Trebizat. Guests and tourists love to come to these rural houses in Podbablje gornje for good food and beautiful nature.

Eco-ethno village Grabovci is situated in town Prolozac donji, 80 km far of town Split, 4 km far of town Imotski and provides guests all services of one rural household. Eco-ethno village is situated in North western part of Imotski field, surrounded by large area of vineyards and fruit trees. Rural houses in Grabovci are renovated old stone houses, which have been transformed into winery, taverns and equipped 3 rooms for guests accommodation. Owners, family Grabovac have built numerous objects and contents, so they could guests enable: Accommodation, Imotski specialties, dishes from spit, grill, iron lid, fireplace, domestic wines, fruit harvest, vintage and excursions to nature and surroundings. Family winery Grabovac produces top wines, and they serve them in natural environment of tavern with Imotski specialties, which guests adore them. This eco-ethno village in town Prolozac donji is visited by large number of passengers, guests and tourists.

Rural household Opacak is situated on river Trebizat, western, 8 km far of town Imotski, 30 km of seaside and provides guests all services of rural tourism and accommodation for guests in 2 rooms. Rural household Opacak has few objects and contents which provide domestic specialties, domestic wines and dishes from fireplace, spit, grill and iron lid. Tavern, which family Opacak has renovated and equipped with antique furniture, things, souvenirs and dinner sets, which delight numerous guests and tourists, who are comint to this tavern. Since, town Glavina donja is situated on road town Imotski – Trilj, with heavy traffic, many passengers and guests are coming here.

Rural household Ruzin dvor is situated 40 km far of seaside, 2 km south of town Imotski. These rural houses in Vinjani donji are situated on spacious field with planted fruit, vegatables and large vineyard, in which centre, owner has built little hotel with 4 rooms. This rural household Ruzin dvor is situated on fertile field, surrounded by various contents, farm od domestic animals, plantations of apples and other fruit. These rural houses in Vinjani donji provide guests domestic food and wines, Imotski specialties, fruits harvest and vintage, organization of excursions to nature and surroundings. Guests and tourists are gladly visiting rural household Ruzin dvor.

Rural houses Imotski

Rural houses Imotski are situated in its surroundings and near beautiful river Trebizat. Two eco-ethno villages and three rural houses Grabovci, Opacak, Ruzin dvor.

Imotski - Podbablje donje, Imotski
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Imotski - Prolozac, Imotski
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Imotski - Zmijavci, Imotski
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Imotski - Glavina donja, Imotski
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Imotski - Vinjani donji, Imotski
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Ružin dvor
Imotski - Vinjani donji, Imotski
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