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Azimut yacht charter Croatia

Azimut yacht charter Croatia is top boat which provides sailors good sailing features, comfort and safety during cruise. Plant Azimut has been founded back in year 1873. by owner Lorenzo Benetti after buy of one small shipyard and started to build wooden fishing and merchant ships. After his death, his grandson Lorenzo has taken over a plant in year 1963. with title brothers Benetti and continued to build wooden and steel boats. In year 1979. they have built their first sailboat made by fiberglass and which has wone in Admirals cup regatta. In year 1984. owner Paolo Vitelli has bought yacht plant and gave it name Azimut yachts. Plant has started with production of sailboats, then sailing ships and finally motor yachts. At beginning they have cooperated with one Dutch shipyard for production od fiberglass boats. Plant seat is situated in town Avigliano on surface od 100.000 m2 and they produce about 300 motor boats annually with length from 39 – 140 ft. Their most famous shipyards are Benetti in town Viareggio on surface of 30.000 m2, in town Livorno on surface of 10.000 m2 and in town Fano on surface of 44.000 m2.

Azimut 36 yacht charter 128
Azimut 36
Azimut 38 Fly yacht charter 128
Azimut 38 Fly
Azimut 39 yacht charter 128
Azimut 39
Azimut 42 yacht charter 128
Azimut 42
Azimut 43 yacht charter 128
Azimut 43
Azimut 46 yacht charter 128
Azimut 46
Azimut 47 yacht charter 128
Azimut 47
Azimut 50 yacht charter 128
Azimut 50
Azimut 58 yacht charter 128
Azimut 58
Azimut 62 yacht charter 128
Azimut 62
Azimut 62 S yacht charter 128
Azimut 62 S
Azimut 68 Plus Fly yacht charter 128
Azimut 68 Plus Fly
Azimut 78 Ultra yacht charter 128
Azimut 78 Ultra
Azimut 80 yacht charter 128
Azimut 80
Azimut 85 yacht charter 128
Azimut 85
Azimut Leonardo 98 yacht charter 128
Azimut Leonardo 98
Azimut Magellano 43 Flybridge yacht charter 128
Azimut Magellano 43 Flybridge

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