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Ethno, eco, agri village Croatia

Ethno, eco, agri village Croatia is tourist object within country tourism offer, which is located in Nature and country environment, and has all features of tourist village on coast. In Central dalmatia there are about 10 built ethno-eco villages Croatia, and 10 more under construction. Most famous ethno-eco villages in Croatia are: Skopljanci, village Radosic, town Lecevica, Grabovac, village Zmijavci, town Imotski, Kokorici, town Vrgorac and Karoglani, village Zmijavci, town Imotski. Ethno, eco, Agri Village Croatia would be built in village with abandoned Old Stone Houses and auxiliary objects for household. They should be renovated and adapted to medern objects for acceptance and accommodation of guests as tourist, architectural and functional whole. Undertaker or host, had to, for this purpose build numerous objects and contains of one tourist village, like they are: Reception, rooms, apartments, swimming pool, central heating and cooling, dinning room, accompaning objects for home and personal needs of tourists, parking, taverns, wine cellar, kitchen, farm with domestic animaly, farm with wild animals, agricultural land, arranged park with drywalls, sports facilities, trim trails, walkways, children's amusement park, mill, smokehouse, warehouses and other objects and contains. Within cultural program, guests should be presented by: Folk dances, klapas singing, viewing local ethnographic collection, museum, photo safari, antique souvenirs, tools and sets, playing on fiddle, double flute and folk singing. Host of Ethno, eco, Agri Village Croatia would often organize country olympics, shopping and excursions to neighbourhood. After exhausting day, tourists would go to rest in modern rooms or apartments in Old Stone Houses of ethno-eco village. Nutrition would consist of Domestic Dishes and specialties, which professional staff, dressed in country folk costumes, would serve in antique wooden cups, dishes and cutlery, to large joy of tourists. Domestic bread, domestic wine, meat roast under iron lid or spit and salat picked in field, is something that doesn't exist in countries they are coming from. At leisure, host would organize tourists: Dressing in folk costumes and photographing, going to hunt, carring out agricultural jobs, photographing wild animals, riding horses or donkeys, ballots playing, football or some other sport, going to excursions at attractive spots. All this wealth of country tourism offer, would make guest satisfied, because they can, after vacation in Nature and village, go to coast and sea, so they could make their vacation more diverse and richer. For growing interest for country tourism, ethno-eco villages Croatia have started to build in growing number in abandoned villages in dalmatian hinterland and on islands.

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