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Countryside household Croatia is tourist object within country tourism offer, which is, in size smaller then ethno-eco village. It contains one or more old stone houses, where accommodation and nutrition is offed, few auxiliary houses, where tavern, swimming pool, central heating and cooling, large fireplace, spit, iron lid, host family dwelling house, Farm for domestic animals, wine cellar and other objects needed for tourist services, are located. In Central dalmatia there are about 80 countryside households Croatia and Country Houses in dalmatian hinterland and about 40 ones on islands. Countryside household is located in country, so it has often land where they grow olive trees, fruit, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal herbs, or they have their own vineyard. Countryside household is situated in nature, or near river, so hosts can at leisure, guests arrange excursions in neighbourhood, photo safari, rowing in canoes or sports fishing. Countrside household Croatia provides all services of tourist object and has service consisting of host family members. Within accommodation in old stone houses, several rooms or apartments are offered, so family service can provide tourists all services needed, while they couldn't provide that in ethno-eco village, for its size of jobs and larger number of guests. Within nutrition, countryside household offer fruit and vegetables from their own field, which they cultivate, so always fresh picked groceries are preparing. Often, there are well and Farm of Domestic Animals in yard, which it provides fresh meat and cheese. Guests often demand participation in carrying out of agricultural jobs or housework, which is something interesting and new to them. Olives and grapes picking, making olives oil and wine, is something they haven't been doing in their countries, so they are gladly participating in carrying out of these jobs. Hosts offer tourists Domestic Food which is prepared on fireplace in oldfashion way, bread which is baked in oven, wine from their own cellar, salat which is picked in field and homemade cakes which are also baked in oven. Even if guests are eating from antique wooden dishes, cutlery and cups, and hosts are serving them in folk costumes, there is no end of joy. Countryside Household attracts tourist exactly for its originality, upkeeping traditional customs and ways of food preparation. Rooms and apartments are modern equipped and are located in old stone houses, which are renovated in modern way and with designed aesthetics and appearance. In house yard, which is central area for association and serving of dishes, hosts usually plant vine, which provides shade in hot summer, and in same time grapes, to joy of guests. Cold water from deep well is welcome for making watered wine and juices in wooden cups, when they need refreshment in hot summer. Hosts ofen keep antique souvenirs and tools in cellar or tavern, so they are gladly exposing them to guests. Countryside Household can provide guests numerous joys and vacation in beautiful nature, so every year, there is growing number of tourists who wish to spend part of their vacataion in Country Environment of dalmatian hinterland or islands.

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