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Charter yachts and sailing boats in Central Dalmatia

Republic of Croatia has one of most beautiful coast in Mediterranean. Its coastline has length of 1.778 km, 1.179 unihabited and 67 inhabited islands with its coastline length of 4.057 km. With 31.067 km2 of territorial sea area and 56 marinas, makes Croatia, one of most desirable state and destination in Europe for cruising and stay on our beautiful coast. Nautical tourism is increasingly represented as cruising and stay on out beautiful coast. Nautical tourism is kind od tourist offer and demand for Charter Yachts In Central Dalmatia and charter sailing boats in Central Dalmatia, because of increasing production of yachts, sailing boats, motor and little boats. Increasing number foreigh and domestic guests want to navigate and cruise on our beautiful Adriatic se. To meet this demand, about 1.400 registered charter firms with 4.100 yachts, sailing boats offer their services. It is very interesting data, that in year 2010. about 58.400 foreigh yachts with 320.000 sailors have come to Republic of Croatia, and sailed into territorial sea, so they could enjoy crusing along coast and islands. Beautiful nature, large number of coves, capes, crystal clear sea, 56 marinas, qualitative accommodation, dalmatian dishes, specialties and wines, attract growing number of sailors into our Adriatic sea.

Within nautical tourism offer there are different categories and types of boats: Charter yachts in Central Dalmatia, Charter Sailing Boats In Central Dalmatia and boats for: Excursions, cruise, daily and multi-day charter ( with accommodation on boat ). Most famous fleet made of 166 beautiful wooden boats for these purposes, dates from seaside marinas in towns Krilo Jesenice, Sumpetar, Bajnice and Makarska. They are real beauty ones, although some of them have more then 100 years. Former trabaculi and bracere boats have escavated sand from sea bottom, near river Cetina mouth. By financial project, of building and reconstruction of passenger and excursion fleet, for purpose of Croatian private boats and little contractors, significant action for enrichment of charter fleet has started. By rich equipping, reconstruction, modernization and building of new boats, new charter services and cruicins is offered, wiht all standards of accommodation and navigation safety, for all guests and tourists boarding these beautiful Charter Yachts In Central Dalmatia and charter sailing boats in Central Dalmatia.

Luxury cruise boats in Central Dalmatia are attractive to all tourists who want to navigate on Adriatic sea and meet our coast, towns and islands. They are also called floating hotels, because they offer all services of accommodation, nutrition, relief, excursions and swimming in clear sea. There are overall 630 charter yachts in Central Dalmatia, charter sailing boats in Central Dalmatia, 122 cruise luxury boats and 44 boats for daily excursions, who have realized about 360.000 nights.

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